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As market competition intensifies and retaining talents become more challenging, an important part of HR work requires an efficient and effective evaluation of candidates.

Online evaluations focus mainly on the candidates’ personality, potential, motivation, and values that follow the intrinsic qualities of the iceberg model; these qualities directly correlate to the candidates’ job performance. Since these intrinsic qualities do not change much through training, online evaluations are becoming more important.

Uniland has been committed to HR management consulting and personnel outsourcing services for many years. In order to further enhance the comprehensive and contemporary HR services, Uniland has increased services to job compatibility evaluation, career potential assessment and 360°evaluation services.

Job Compatibility Evaluation

Job compatibility examine candidates based on four inherent qualities: personality, potential, motivation, and values. This differs from the traditional testing methods that favor work experience, and educational background that limit companies from finding the most suitable candidates.

The evaluation covers industries from marketing, technology, administration, accounting, HR, and Management and can be customized to specific client requirements.

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Career Potential Assessment

In addition to the job compatibility evaluations, online evaluations also give job-seekers an idea of what they can expect from their jobs in the future, is a good career planning reference, and a guide for employers looking for suitable candidates.

Career potential assessments include basic aptitude and personality tests that guide job seekers to finding the most suitable type of occupation for them and to learn to use their own advantages to finding the ideal career.

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With its comprehensive evaluation perspective in many companies, the 360°evaluation has been widely used. It not only retains the advantages of the traditional 360°evaluation but restructures the ‘competency model’ based on featured behavior evaluation to enhance the scientific evaluation.

The 360°evaluation reinvents the traditional 360°evaluation whose criterion and rating scales were vague and not uniform and had an evaluation process that was cumbersome. The 360°evaluation ensures the objective evaluation and applications can be used easily for internal staff quality, year-end performance appraisal, diagnosis of training needs, potential talent selection, leadership and team assessment, and democratic evaluation.

Accessing the Online Evaluation

Accessing the online evaluation is very simple. Find the evaluation website, enter your account number and password and fill in the evaluation form.

At the end of the evaluation, the system automatically summarizes the subject scores and issues individual evaluation reports. The report takes less than a minute to process.

Industry Online Assessment

The online assessments are suitable for a range of industries from finance, energy, Telecommunications, to the automotive sectors.

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