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Lacking personnel to carry out campus recruitment…

Many Interviews with little success…

Expensive short-term bulk recruitments…

Inadequate HR pool in a growing company…

Are you facing these recruitment problems?

Uniland provides companies with a professional recruitment program, controls and processes, and implements services to find the best candidates. Through different recruitment channels, professional training and evaluation, Uniland helps clients enhance their brand name. Working with Uniland allows clients to access a large talent pool and reduce recruitment costs, thereby improving management efficiency.

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Focusing on Client Needs

Campus focused: based on client needs and business strategy.

Brand Marketing: Online and offline advertising along with the traditional school recruiting to enhance your brand to the target graduate class.

Professional tools: Target talent through different events and programs such as presentations and personality tests.

Professionalism: Tracking the progress of the project and ensuring its success.

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