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Uniland provides a full range of software quality control and testing (circulation development testing) to ensure the success of the client software system reliability and security. The comprehensive service scope and successful product development experience have laid a solid foundation for Uniland in the quality control and testing fields. Our expertise extends from the entire software development life cycle process, evaluation, and audit performed in accordance with project requirements.

We administer software quality testing for many leading IT companies. Testing services include documentation of test plans, test cases, test data, test logs, bug reports, and test summary reports. We provide comprehensive testing services, including black and white box testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, and site testing. 


•  System Testing: planning, strategy, automation, case design, case implementation, and reporting
•  Verification and Validation Services
•  Finished Product Testing: functionality, ease of use, load / performance, recovery type, capacity, pressure, storage, point of order (in accordance with user manual), compatibility / conversion, installation, documentation and configuration.
•  Regression testing and sustainable project testing
•  Automation Testing Tools: Rational Test Studio, WinRunner, Mercury Interactive, Quick Test Professional, JUnit, NUnit, QStudio automated testing.
•  Products and process standards implementation in different types of development environments,
•  Error tracking, analysis and solution services
•  Globalization / localization testing

Delivery model

•  Onsite staffing, placement of staff:
•  off-site development, testing and maintenance
•  offshore development, testing and maintenance
•  build, operate, transfer
•  custom ODC

Tools and Technologies:

•  Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Sun Solaris, Red Hat & Turbo Linux, IBM AIX, HP UX, Unix
•  Clear Case, CVS, VSS
•  WinRunner, X-Runner, QA Center Enterprise, QA Center Performance
•  LoadRunner, WebLoad, Numega TrueTime, SQA SiteCheck, Dr.HTML
•  user-specified tools

Uniland Advantages:

Early testing and swift action gives the main advantages:

•  Identifies and reduces the risks in the early stages of development
•  Lowers repair costs
•  Accurately predict release dates
•  Provides stipulated results
•  Faster product delivery
•  Effectively execute client strategy
•  Transparency     
•  Results can be reused for regression testing
•  Not attached to any vendor

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