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China Offshore Development Center (Wuxi, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

ODC Trends and Market

The ODC has become an increasingly popular business model that helps companies of all sizes use offshore development talent to increase productivity and reduce operating expenses. The ODC model is recognized as an efficient tool in the development process to provide customers with more visibility and predictability. 

ODC will become an important part of the corporate global diversified development strategy and as another strategy of foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market. A dedicated ODC which offers a variety of professional services is ideal for enterprises that plan to enter the Chinese market or increase their market share. The ODC is a flexible model for any project with strict time requirements, no matter which marketing strategies the client adopts.  

We value the importance of the strategic planning process to discuss the offshore development technical and quality requirements and establish a relationship based on mutual tolerance, trust, and respect. Selecting the appropriate ODC partners is key to the success of the enterprise offshore strategy.

Uniland Offshore Development Center

Offshore outsourcing services need to go beyond the traditional project-based business model; Uniland is more experienced in ODC than other traditional IT outsourcing competitors. The types of offshore outsourcing involves application development, customized software development, testing, SAP and other fields. Thus, Uniland has accumulated a wealth of business skills and expertise in establishing and managing the ODC.

Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution Industry:

Many manufacturing, retail and distribution industry clients benefit from our experience with establishing the ODC, including custom software development, professional services, QA testing, and technical support. 

High-Tech Industry:

Uniland has many years of experience working with global high-tech companies to provide a full range of services, including the establishment and management of offshore facilities. In addition to its industrial customers, Uniland provides offshore R & D services for international software providers.  

Telecommunications Industry:

With a wealth of experience and established clients that are global telecommunications companies, Uniland provides unique ODC services to the telecommunications industry. Clients include mobile device manufacturers, operators, network equipment providers, content services, and application program providers. 

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