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Uniland has been providing high-end HR consulting services for nearly 20 years in China, and is the HR partner to more than 200 multinational companies.

Uniland has highly qualified team of professional placement consultants and a strong domestic and overseas human resource pool. Uniland has seven branches and more than 100 consultants in China with experience in industries such as Telecommunications, IT, automotive, microelectronics, precision instruments, medical, and FMCG. Clients include Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, Accenture, Siemens and other Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever and UFIDA, H3C, Taobao, as well as a number of well-known local businesses.

Uniland Provides SAP training services for those aspiring to become SAP consultants. Uniland Consulting is an official authorized SAP Education Partner and has training centres in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi.

Uniland has increased services to job compatibility evaluation, career potential assessment and 360°evaluation services. Job compatibility examine candidates based on four inherent qualities: personality, potential, motivation, and values. The evaluation covers industries from marketing, technology, administration, accounting, HR, and Management and can be customized to specific client requirements. Career potential assessments include basic aptitude and personality tests that guide job seekers to finding the most suitable type of occupation for them and to learn to use their own advantages to finding the ideal career. 360°evaluation restructures the ‘competency model’ based on featured behavior evaluation to enhance the scientific evaluation. It can be used easily for internal staff quality, year-end performance appraisal, diagnosis of training needs, potential talent selection, leadership and team assessment, and democratic evaluation.

Uniland provides companies with a professional recruitment program, controls and processes
, and implements services to find the best candidates. Through different recruitment channels, professional training and evaluation, Uniland helps clients enhance their brand name. Working with Uniland allows clients to access a large talent pool and reduce recruitment costs, thereby improving management efficiency.

According to client needs, Uniland designs curriculum, exclusive project training, and soft skills training to help companies save costs and focus on their core industries to enhance overall competitiveness. Training Program includes: Java, C/C++, Net, embedded android development and embedded testing, mobile phone testing, automated testing and hardware testing.

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